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Hi i'm Sheena and the creator and owner of Dazzle Paws handmade dog collars Nd accessories.

Creator of Dazzle Paws

Creator of Dazzle Paws

Creator of Dazzle Paws

Hi, I'm Sheena, creator and owner of Dazzle Paws.

Kenco is my dog that gave me inspiration to create Dazzle Paws.


Creator of Dazzle Paws

Creator of Dazzle Paws

This is my Black Lab Kenco, who gave me the inspiration to create Dazzle Paws. He is also Number 1 tester on all my products.

My Narrowboat where all my creations are made.


Creator of Dazzle Paws


This is where all Dazzle Paws products are made and our home. 


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A little more about us......


Thank you for visiting our site and hope you have had chance to look around!

Now a little more about Dazzle Paws and how we came about. 

Being in a professional job that is very stressful and demanding, In January 2017, I took the plunge and sold my house to live on a Narrowboat hoping for a less stressful way of living. However, I still had to continue in my professional job until I found an alternative solution.

Living on a Narrowboat I soon realised the amount of dog walkers about. Also having my own dog and struggling to find a collar with a difference, I came up with the idea of making my own collars for Kenco.

I soon came to realise that this could be the opportunity I was looking for and in the Summer of 2018 I attended my first craft show.  

From there I started attending more events, some positive, some negative, realising which events would be more beneficial in the products I was selling.

I have received positive feedback on all my products and this has now given me the confidence to do this on a full time basis. 

So here we are in January 2020, launching my website and given up my professional career, to be able to focus 100% on creating wonderful designs for you our customers.

Dazzle Paws will also continue to attend events throughout the country, so hope to meet some of you there. Please keep checking my events page.

Also with living on a Narrowboat and being a member of the Roving Traders Association, you may see me on the Canal Waterways selling my products, so come and say hello!

I'm sure we will have a treat for your lovely dog!

Sheena & Kenco 

     X               🐾